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In any sales position, success can only be made in front of clients. In real estate, agents succeed only when they are presenting or hearing an offer, showing a client, or taking a listing. We are committed to provide the level of support which allows our agents to spend their time with their clients. We consider real estate a team sport.

Our technical support includes:

  • Design and printing of flyers, postcards and other marketing materials
  • The Prudential Homefinding Guide
  • The Prudential Homeselling Guide
  • How to customize these guides in the Basic Education Course. Thereafter, agents only need to order the Guide from staff and prepare the specific property information for individual clients; thereby saving time and stress.
  • Target Marketing strategies for properties for sale
  • Personal Marketing strategies for agents.

Only at Prudential Northwest Realty Associates do agents have open door access to managers for contract issues, marketing ideas, and business planning. We know that the right guidance can make all the difference in your career.